During my corporate career, I attended a lot of meetings. I watched as people were particular about where they sat, what they said, even how they said it. It seemed the people who sat at the table had something to say and were confident in saying it.

They WANTED to be SEEN.

The people who sat on the peripheral of the room may have sat there because they arrived late to a popular, overcrowded meeting.

But some sat along the wall intentionally. And all seemed to speak up only when someone from the table reached out to them first.

So where do you sit?

Why do you sit there?

Do you speak up and confidently offer your perspective or do you wait for permission?

I’ve done both, but the bigger the meeting, the harder it was to sit at the table unless I felt sure of my purpose in being there.

But here’s the thing…. If it’s worth your time to go and actively be present, then it’s worth being at the table and letting YOU shine. So if you are ready to move from the wall to the table, I can help! Together, we will get clear on your competitive advantage so that you feel confident sharing it and be seen and heard.

Join me at the table – I’ve got a seat waiting for you…. Save

Tea At The Table

Leaders, like you, are learners and want to invest in themselves and in others. And what better way to start is to have Tea At The Table. This complimentary, no obligation consult is to talk about what you'd like to achieve and what it would be like working 1:1 together. Book the tea time that works for you, bring your favorite drink (mine's tea), and let's chat.

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At The Table

At the Table is an experience for entrepreneurs and corporate professionals who are leaders and craving a space where they have support coming through new ideas so they spend more time doing what they do best – driving their vision forward and serving their team and clients.

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